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About Broad Rock Elementary

Broad Rock Elementary School is located on Ferguson Lane in the southern end of Richmond. It  houses grades Pre-K through Fifth Grade, including both regular education and exceptional education classes. The school serves a population of approximately 700 students and is proud of its diverse educational programs, involvement with community partners, and commitment to giving its students a high quality education!

The mission of Broad Rock Elementary School, the gateway to success, is to empower students to become respectful, high achieving, life-long learners who are prepared to accomplish their goals. Our students will engage in diverse learning experiences and creative expression guided by the collaborative efforts of educators, families and communities.

History Overview

The current home of Broad Rock Elementary was built starting in 2010 and opened to students in January 2013.  The 90,800 square foot facility was constructed parallel to the original building as part of the "Building a Better Richmond" Program.  This Eco-Friendly building boasts instructional technology in every classroom, a state of the art media center and gymnasium, and the attached Broad Rock Community Center. For the 2015-2016 School year we added a modular unit that houses twelve classrooms and a cafeteria. For the 2016-2017 School year we added another modular unit that houses 12 more classrooms and a third that houses our second cafeteria space. 

The original building of Broad Rock Elementary School was constructed in 1937 and housed up to 350 students.


Broad Rock Elementary School was established in 1937. 

New Building Built

January 2013


"The Gateway to Success"


Academic Excellence


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